Godwin Obaseki Edo state Governor to launch forest police in the state to tackle insecurity.

Edo State Government has finalised the documentation and audit of the state’s forests and is embarking on the recruitment of new forest police as part of efforts to enhance security across the state.

The State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki,disclosed this at a Special Security Council Meeting with relevant stakeholders in Edo South Senatorial District, held at the Government House, Benin City.

The governor said similar meetings were held with stakeholders in Edo North and Edo Central Senatorial District to review security strategies and mechanisms to tackle insecurity in Edo.
He said: “The responsibility of any government in any society is to guarantee the security and safety of the people. No government can call itself a government if it cannot protect and secure the lives of the people that it oversees.

“That is why for us in Edo, given what is going on in the country today, we have decided that security is now our number one priority. In the area of our forests, we have completed documentation and audit of all our forests in Edo State, particularly in Edo South.

We have done a flyover of all our forests and as we speak, we have set up a new forestry commission.

Our forestry laws that have not been updated in more than 50 years now have been updated. And part of the provisions of the law is that we will now re-energise the institution of forest guards.
We are currently in discussion with the Federal Ministry of Environment and some other stakeholders to begin the recruitment of the first set of new forest police as we will call them to support the activities of all the other security agencies.

On strengthening local councils to security across the state, Obaseki noted: In terms of squatters in markets, we are going to enforce the local government laws which stipulate that it is only the local government that is entitled to register markets and shut down illegal markets. 

Any place where trading is currently taking place today and such a place has not been registered will be immediately shut down.

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