Outrageous in house of senate as Senate Leader disrupt Buhari impeachment plans.

Nigerian Senators are currently plotting to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari over the country’s persistent insecurity.

Several senators walked out of plenary a few days ago when Senate president Ahmed Lawan obstructed attempts to criticize President Buhari’s inability to resolve the nation’s lengthy war with insecurity.

They also staged a news conference in which they gave the president a six-week ultimatum to remedy the problem or face impeachment procedures.

In a recent interview, Senator Francis Fadahunsi, who represents Osun East in the Red Chamber, acknowledged that efforts are on to impeach President Buhari, adding that Senate President Ahmed Lawan will be ousted if he attempts to obstruct proceedings.

We have been discussing and offering proposals on how to resolve the nation’s security issues, but the Head (Senate President) is tethered to the Villa.

He has thwarted all of our efforts to take serious action against the President.

“We have decided to strike while the iron is hot instead of wasting time cooperating with the Ahmad Lawan leadership while the government has no plan to stop terrorists from destroying the nation.

We will not wait till everyone is killed.

We have decided to withdraw from the ‘rubber stamp’ arrangement so that all of Nigeria is aware that we have not supported the failing economy, the massive debt accumulation, the dropping naira, widespread insecurity, and the unparalleled levels of corruption in the political system.

Unfortunately, the man leading us today (Lawan) formerly led the opposition MPs and challenged systemic corruption.” Now that things are falling apart daily, he does not want anyone to criticize Buhari’s administration. Because we are chosen by the people, any leader who opposes such a challenge in a democratic system must likewise be challenged.

Interview the majority of senators. There is no effective oversight of the federal government’s ministries, departments, and agencies. Buhari will present the budget, and his supporters will request that we pass it as he presents it. No tests, and MDA directors do what they choose.

Therefore, we have resolved to impeach him if we return on September 20 and find that the situation has remained unchanged and no significant actions have been taken, he stated.

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