Man treathen to commit suicide if president Buhari refused to resign in Kano state.

According to report a 25-year-old man named Hamza Yahaya has attempted to commit suicide from the popular Kofar Nasarawa flyover bridge in the city of Kano as he demanded President Muhammadu Buhari’s immediate resignation.

According to a report by Vanguard, Hamza’s action created a pandemonium under the bridge which links the Emir of Kano’s palace and State road as passerby stopped by to watch the dramatic scene on Friday.

It was reported that Hamza’s one-man protest could not be unconnected to the terrible economic situation and hardship biting hard in Nigeria.
It was gathered that it took the intervention of firemen to rescue Hamza from the pavement of the bridge.

Confirming the incident, an eyewitness and a resident of Kofar Nasarawa, Abdullahi Madugu, said, I was rushing to attend the Juma’at prayers around 1:30pm when I saw large crowd of people gathered watching a boy who climbed the bridge (popular Kofar Nasarawa bridge) and threatened to commit suicide or President Muhammadu resigns.

They (people around and even the firemen) pacified him to come down but he insisted that he would not come down. I heard him saying this with my own ears. He is not a small boy. This may be as a result of the situation of day to day activities.

“It was one Malam Musa (who moved about selling clothes) that drew the attention of the fire service who deployed their men and rescued the boy.

However, the Kano State Fire Service Public Relations Officer, Saminu Yusif, denied claims that Hamza threatened to commit suicide or demanded that Buhari must resign.

Yusif said, We got a distress call around 1:40pm about one Hamza Yahaya, a 25-year-old who was found on a pavement of a bridge. He told us he doesn’t know how he got in there.

He told us he is a resident of Sharada area of the state and that he ran away from their house to the area some three months ago because their neighbor sent him on an errand with N4000 and he spent the money.

He is about 15 years old and can’t say such (commit suicide or President Buhari resigns) but the claims were by people around who coined the story along that line giving previous experiences.

Our men deployed tactics and safely rescued the boy from the pavement.

We handed him over to one SP Rabiu Tale at the Kwalli Police Division to investigate the matter.

But the Kano State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Abdullahi Haruna, promised to investigate the matter.

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