Popular Nigeria journalist Babajide Otitoju said terrorist discouraged from entering Southeastern Nigeria.

Popular Nigerian broadcaster and multiple awards winning journalist, Babajide Otitoju has claimed that Boko Haram insurgents and bandits can not be able to enter the South-East due to the happenings in the region. 

Speaking during today’s edition of journalists hangout on TVC, Babajide Otitoju said the terrorists would be discouraged because of the insecurity that is already in the region. 

According to Babajide, the major target for the terrorists is the South West especially with the commercial capital of the country in the region. 

Hear him The South West is the safest geopolitical zone in our country. Some of the abductions, killings, high profiled terrorists are not happening here.

Now they will feel that South West, with Lagos as the commercial capital of our nation is the next place for them to go. They are certainly not going to the South-East.

The kind of things happening in the South-East will certainly discourage them. Babajide Otitoju stated. 

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