Below is a breakdown of Russia loses since it war with Ukraine.

More than 41,000 Russian military troops have reportedly died in battle with the Ukraine armed forces according to Ukrainian authorities.

According to Ukraine, the Russian military has lost 223 planes, 41,650 troops, 123 anti-aircraft warfare, 950 artillery systems, 4,032 Armored Personnel Vehicles, 1,792 tanks, 191 helicopters, 15 boats/cutters, 83 special equipment, 742 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, 182 cruise missiles, 2,964 vehicles and fuel tanks.

The above indicative estimates of Russia’s combat losses as of August, 5th, 2022 according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

These losses have mostly impacted the Russian military capacity to make swift progress and operations across Ukraine without flaws, the US and the United Kingdom disclosed, adding that the Russian military has lost its morale to win the ongoing war in Ukraine following its daily losses and the impact of sanctions from the West.

However, the Russia-Ukraine has gradually displaced many Ukrainians, destroyed parts of Ukrainian residential areas, and forced the country to rely on the West for weapons supply to defend itself against Russian growing assault across its cities, towns, and villages.

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