Paul Dada a journalist have said that we only hear of terrorist arrest and don’t hear the conclusion.

Paul Dada, a very experienced and award-winning journalist has called on the Federal Government to ensure the prosecution of arrested terrorists because many times we only hear of their arrest and don’t hear the conclusion.

He made this remark in response to the recent arrest of the terrorists that were arrested for the deadly Owo Massacre.

Speaking on Wednesday in an edition of “Journalist Hangout” with TVC, the veteran Journalist emphasized that it is when terrorists who are arrested and prosecuted with Nigerians are being taken along and also aware of the conclusion that we are ready to fight terrorism.

 It is a good thing but I want the prosecution of these people because we hear of arrest but we don’t hear the conclusion.

Interesting, the Attorney general announced that within 18 months, 1000 persons were convicted for terrorism-related offenses and I was asking how come we don’t know when they were prosecuted.

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Russia now controls at least$12.4 trillion worth of Ukraine’s crucial natural coffers.

Russia now controls$12.4 trillion worth of Ukraine’s crucial natural coffers, according to an analysis for The Washington Post by SecDev.

Still, Kyiv would permanently lose nearly two- thirds of its deposits, If the Kremlin succeeds in adding Ukrainian land seized during Russia’s irruption.

Moscow controls 63 of Ukraine’s coal deposits, 11 of its oil painting, 20 of its natural gas, 42 of its essence, and 33 of its rare worlds.

Russia now controls at least$12.4 trillion worth of Ukraine’s crucial natural coffers, including energy and mineral deposits, according to an analysis for The Washington Post by SecDev.

Still, Kyiv would lose nearly two- thirds of its deposits, the report said, If the Kremlin succeeds in adding Ukrainian land seized during Russia’s irruption.

Grounded on SecDev’s review of,209 deposits, Moscow controls 63 of Ukraine’s coal, 11 of its oil painting, 20 of its natural gas, 42 of its essence, and 33 of its rare worlds, including crucial minerals like lithium.

Some of that was seized during Russia’s preemption of Crimea in 2014 or the war with Russia- backed secessionists in eastern Ukraine.

But since its irruption began in February, Russia has steadily increased its advance into Ukraine while catching the country’s profitable fortresses.

Using a census from SecDev and Ukrainian assiduity, the Washington Post reported that Russia has seized 41 coal fields, 27 natural gas spots, 14 propane spots, nine oil painting fields, six iron ore deposits, as well as several spots for titanium, zirconium, strontium, lithium, uranium, and gold.

While Ukraine is known as a top exporter of grains, the report said it also possesses 117 of the 120 most extensively used minerals and essence, while also serving as a top source of fossil energies.

Ukraine still has control over utmost of its oil painting ans gas reserves. But the vast maturity of its natural resource wealth that is under the Kremlin’s control is comprised of coal deposits.

SecDev estimated that about 30 billion tons of hard coal deposits worth$11.9 trillion are in Russian- controlled corridor of Ukraine.

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Peter Obi one million march support group in Nasarawa state.

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Nigeria: FCT police intercept 100 bags of cannabis loaded in Dangote truck.

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT ) Police on Thursday said it has intercepted a Dangote Truck loaded with at least one hundred bags of dry leaves suspected to be Cannabis.

A statement by the FCT Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Josephine Adeh said the development was sequel to credible intelligence made available to officers of the Zuba Divisional Police Headquarters.

According the statement, the Commissioner of Police FCT Command, CP Babaji Sunday, who expressed concern over the high rate of drug and substance abuse, stated that this is the second of such case in less than three months.

The CP stressed that drug abuse is one of the root causes of various crimes and criminalities in the FCT and other parts of the country.

He added that the Command will continue to work hand in hand with the NDLEA to bring to the barest minimum the menace of drug/substance abuse in the Territory.

Josephine Adeh revealed names of the suspects to include, Sani Muhamed, 26-year-old male resident of Kano State and Ahmed Usman 32-year-old male, resident of Ondo State.

She added that the suspects “were arrested by the Command’s Operational Assets attached to the Zuba Divisional Police Headquarters following prompt reaction on the heels of actionable intelligence from Inspection Officers of the Dangote Group of Company fleets strategically positioned for control and management of the fleets of trucks at intermittent locations.

Upon the arrest, the suspects stated their involvements in the criminal conspiracy and the illegal possession of prohibited substances and affirmed the illegal commodity is worth about 10 million naira while they were contracted and promised about Four hundred thousand naira (400,000) each.

An effort is ongoing to arrest fleeing members of the suspected criminal syndicate while the suspects and exhibits will be transferred to the National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) upon the conclusion of the investigation.

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Russia has blamed Israel for the latest round of violence in the Gaza Strip which left dozens of Palestinians killed.

Russia has blamed Israel for provoking the recent round of violence in Gaza, which left at least 43 people dead, while continuing with its much-condemned invasion of Ukraine.

Russia has blamed Israel for the latest round of violence in the Gaza Strip which left dozens of Palestinians killed and hundreds wounded.

At least 43 Palestinians, including 15 children, were killed in three days of intense Israeli bombardment targeting the besieged coastal enclave, which also resulted in heavy material damage.

Russia has also been widely condemned and heavily sanctioned for its invasion of Ukraine, which includes shelling and air strikes on cities.

This round of escalation was triggered by the Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip on August 5, said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

She said the Palestinian factions’ retaliation was in response to Israeli airstrikes.

We view these developments with deep concern. They could lead to a resumption of all-out military confrontation, and further deteriorate the already dire humanitarian situation in Gaza,” she added.

Zakharova stressed Russia’s commitment to a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Moscow’s statements came at a time of heightened tensions between Israel and Russia.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said last month that Moscow’s closing of Jewish Agency offices in Russia would be a “serious event” that strains bilateral relations.

The Jewish Agency facilitates the immigration of Jews from Russia and elsewhere to Israel but was assigned a ‘foreign agent’ status by Moscow authorities.

Some commentators said that the Russian government’s decision was in retaliation for Lapid taking a tougher stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine than his predecessor, Naftali Bennett.

Israel faced criticism from the US and its allies at the start of the invasion for taking a soft stance toward Russia.

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Russia feeling the heat as Ukraine fire’s AGM-88 Anti radiation missile.

Ukrainian aircraft are firing American-made AGM-88 High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles at Russian air-defenses in Ukraine.

It’s an unexpected development, considering that the HARM normally isn’t compatible with the Soviet-designed MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters and Su-24 and Su-25 attack jets that the Ukrainian air force operates.

But it’s possible to guess how the Ukrainians and Americans have made the 800-pound, radar-seeking missile work.

Oleksii Reznikov, Ukraine’s minister of defense, back in July teased the country’s acquisition of anti-radiation missiles.

But the first evidence of American HARMs in Ukraine came Sunday, when photos circulated online depicting wreckage of a missile somewhere in Ukraine wreckage with the distinctive stenciling of an AGM-88. More photos followed Thursday.

The photos sparked widespread speculation. Since no air force ever has integrated the HARM on a Soviet plane type, some observers wondered aloud whether a NATO ally of Ukraine fired the missiles.

That always was unlikely, of course, as NATO while a strong supporter of Ukraine carefully has avoided direct involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war, for obvious escalatory reasons.

Alternatively, some observers pointed out that later models of the Raytheon-made AGM-88, which first entered service in the 1980s, are compatible with ground launchers. Perhaps the Ukrainians had cobbled together some kind of improvised truck-launcher for older HARMs.

On Monday, U.S. Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl ended the speculation.

The Ukrainian air force was firing HARMs that the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden transferred to Ukraine under Biden’s presidential draw-down authority, which allows him to dispatch overseas surplus U.S. weaponry.

We’ve included a number of anti-radiation missiles that can be fired off of Ukrainian aircraft that can have effects on Russia radars and other things, Kahl said.

So there are also things that we’re doing to try to make their existing capabilities more effective.

Kahl even hinted at which of Ukraine’s roughly 100 remaining front-line warplanes are carrying the 14-foot anti-radiation missile. Kahl noted speculation that Ukraine quietly has been acquiring or at least seeking to acquire second-hand MiG-29s from NATO countries.

A lot was made about the MiG-29 issue several months ago, Kahl said.

Not very much has been noticed about the sheer amounts of spare parts and other things that we’ve done to help them actually put more of their own MiG-29s in the air and keep those that are in the air flying for a longer period of time.

The twin-engine, single-seat, supersonic MiG-29 is the Ukrainian air force’s most numerous type. Even taking into account wartime losses, it’s possible Kyiv still has 50 or more flyable MiG-29s.

A MiG-29 never has been photographed carrying a HARM, but aspects of the weapon’s design make integration possible. In U.S. service, the HARM normally functions as part of a wider system for the so-called “destruction of enemy air-defenses” mission, or DEAD.

U.S. Air Force F-16s specifically, the 200 or so Block 50 models of the classic fighterare the primary HARM-carriers. The F-16s also haul HARM Targeting System pods, which pack sensitive radiation sensors for pinpointing the locations of enemy air-defense batteries.

The HTS pod transfers targeting data to the missile, which flies at Mach two as far as 80 miles and strikes the target with a 200-pound fragmentation warhead.

It’s a complex task integrating the whole HTS with a particular airframe. You’ve got to add wiring with a digital bus for data-transfer and a dedicated HARM Attack Display in the cockpit. Plus, the airframe has to have the HARM’s LAU-118/A launcher rail.

But there’s a simpler approach. The AGM-88 includes a special mode called “HARM as sensor whereby the missile uses its own radiation-detecting seeker head as its main cueing sensor, rather than relying on the HTS pod.

It’s a less accurate method of targeting, but it also requires less integration. To make it work, you just need the launcher rail, the wiring and the attack display in the cockpit. No special sensor pod.

It’s not hard to imagine American technicians remotely assisting Ukrainian engineers to add the HARM gear as the latter rebuild their aging MiGs for the DEAD mission.

Actually using the missile in combat is straightforward. When the missile senses a radar, an icon appears on the cockpit display. The pilot slews a cursor to the icon and pulls the trigger.

A minute later, the missile strikes its target, probably. Two hundred pounds of explosives peppering radar dishes, missile launchers and control vans.

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Three herdsmen have been arrested for killing a man in Anambra forest, police source

Police in Anambra State have arrested three Fulani herdsmen in connection to the killing of a man known as Energy.

A now deceased, who is said to be an indigene of Umunya in Oyi Local Government Area, was earlier on Thursday lured into the forest by some herdsmen to purchase cattle.

Energy was said to be in need of a cow, and had been connected to a Fulani herdsman, who directed him to come to their camp to purchase the cow.

From a video circulating online, it was observed that Energy had contacted a truck driver to take him to the Fulani herdsmen camp, which was said to be in Aguleri forest.

According to the truck driver, who spoke in the viral video, We were on our way to see the cows, but we noticed we were going into the bush, and I may not have anywhere to reverse my vehicle.

I told the Fulani herdsman, but he insisted we should keep going. We had just driven ahead a little, when up to 10 herdsmen came out of the bush with guns and attacked us.

They grabbed me and my brother, and Energy ran away. They pursued him, and some were taking us into the bush.

Later, my brother broke away and started running, so when they pursued him, I found I was alone, so I ran to my vehicle and escaped. We later came back and found that Energy had been killed,” the man narrated.

Meanwhile, the state police command confirmed that the incident happened in Aguleri, and that three Fulani men have been arrested in connection with the killing.

DSP Toochukwu Ikenga, spokesperson for Anambra State Police command told DAILY POST that investigation has commenced, and further information would be communicated to journalists.

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Sierra Leone imposes curfew amid anti Government protest.

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