Paul Dada a journalist have said that we only hear of terrorist arrest and don’t hear the conclusion.

Paul Dada, a very experienced and award-winning journalist has called on the Federal Government to ensure the prosecution of arrested terrorists because many times we only hear of their arrest and don’t hear the conclusion.

He made this remark in response to the recent arrest of the terrorists that were arrested for the deadly Owo Massacre.

Speaking on Wednesday in an edition of “Journalist Hangout” with TVC, the veteran Journalist emphasized that it is when terrorists who are arrested and prosecuted with Nigerians are being taken along and also aware of the conclusion that we are ready to fight terrorism.

Β It is a good thing but I want the prosecution of these people because we hear of arrest but we don’t hear the conclusion.

Interesting, the Attorney general announced that within 18 months, 1000 persons were convicted for terrorism-related offenses and I was asking how come we don’t know when they were prosecuted.

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