Nigeria: Senator Shehu Sani accused governor of Nasir El-Rufai of contributing in terrorism in Kaduna state.

Former Lawmaker, Senator Shehu Sani said that the governor of Kaduna state, Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai is also contributing to the growth of terrorism in Kaduna state.

He said that if the governor of the state is not doing anything serious to fight against terrorism in his state, that means he’s contributing to it and seem not to be interested in getting rid of terrorism in Kaduna state, says Senator Shehu Sani.

He also said that the government of the state pampers terrorists a lot, which is very bad, this is one of the reasons why he said that the governor is contributing to terrorism in the state.

He said that the governor of the state should have done better than he’s doing today to fight insecurity.

He also said that governor El-Rufai is also one of the governors who attack anyone who blame President Buhari for insecurity problems in Nigeria.

So the insecurity problems in Kaduna state are the Governor’s fault and he should be blamed for that, no one else.

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