US have accused Russia as state sponsor of global terrorism according Ukraine Pravda.

Following a report by Ukrainian Pravda Moscow has warned Washington that naming Russia as a state supporter of terrorism will be a point of no return and that, should such a designation be adopted, Russia may downgrade or even sever diplomatic relations with the US.

If the initiative to designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism] is implemented, said Aleksandr Darchiyev, head of the North American department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, in an interview with TASS, Washington will have crossed a point of no return and bilateral diplomatic relations will suffer the most serious of consequences.

The relationship between the two nations is currently defined by Darchiyev as “turbulent,” and he claims that Western nations, led by the US, have stomped on international law and [have] carried out measures that are totally taboo in diplomacy.

Iran, China, Cuba, and Syria are the four nations that the US has designated as state sponsors of terrorism at the moment.

According to RBK, being identified as a state sponsor of terrorism has serious repercussions, including a ban on defense exports, controls on the export of goods with dual uses, and financial and other limitations.

Additionally, nations that continue to conduct business with the sponsor of terrorism are subject to penalties.

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