Twitter user accused Hakeem Baba Ahmed of selling Peter Obi to the Northerners.

Spokesman of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF), Hakeem Baba Ahmed, has made it clear that he is not selling the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, to Northerners.

In the report which was made by Daily Post, Hakeem Baba Ahmed said that he does not sell any candidate until the candidate meets his standards of a potentially good leaders.

The NEF spokesman’s statement came after a Twitter user accused him of marketing the former Anambra State Governor to the Northerners. The Twitter user claimed that Baba Ahmed would benefit if Peter Obi becomes President.

The Twitter user said You need to understand that Dr Hakeem Baba Ahmed undoubtedly benefits more when Obi/Datti wins the presidency.

However, he needs to sell Obi to Northerners to achieve this, thus, he is asking South-East leaders to condemn the attack so that he can tell Northerners that Obi can be trusted.

In his response to the accusations, Baba Ahmed wrote on Twitter I do not sell candidates until they meet my standards of potential in good leadership.

There is nothing in it for me personally.

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