We heard that Army killed terrorist on daily basis, where do they keep coming out from, Alhaji Yusuf?

Alhaji Yusuf Dantalle, the national chairman of the Allied People’s Movement, criticized the Federal Government on Sunday for its inadequate management of the country’s security crisis and asserted that the existing strategy would not work.

He claimed that the government was ignoring the underlying causes of the issues and merely addressing the symptoms of the issues.

Dantalle told reporters that Nigerians had endured enough suffering from re-elected politicians who had nothing to offer but pains, melancholy, and confusion that had impoverished the nation shortly after being elected national chairman of the party at its convention in Abuja.

He claimed that the collapse of law and order across the nation was the result of the frustration and despondency brought on by unemployment and poverty.

He asserted that in order to address the problems brought on by insecurity, the government urgently has to think creatively and unconventionally.

He said: Despite reports that the military has killed terrorists or bandits, these individuals continue to emerge. But why do they continue to emerge?

That informs you that there are several issues with the socioeconomic and political structures.

People are driven to invent new means of survival when they are living in hopelessness and do not think the present system would protect them.

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