Femi Fani Kayode react to rumoured Islamization agenda.

A former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode popularly called FFK while reacting to a question posed to him on Channels Television’s Politics Today on the allegations of Islamization of Nigeria had said it is impossible because 19 Governors out of 36 in Nigeria are Christians. FFK said.

We spoke about Fulanization, that has been thrown out the window now, because power has been shifted to the south by the APC, the party we accused of that. Secondly, we spoke about islamization. Now look at it again.

And let’s look at this closely. Since I joined the APC, I realized, like I said earlier that things have completely changed. It’s simply not like before, a situation whereby in this country today we have no less than 19 Christian Governors.

I think I’m right in saying 19 Christian Governors in this country, a situation whereby the whole of the Southwest has Christian governors except for Osun state, which has now changed because we have a Christian Governor there as well.Β 

Now that’s coming in a situation like that tells you clearly that this country cannot be Islamize and neither is our party.

What is happening in the APC as far as I’m concerned is that we have reformed, we are moving forward. Same faith ticket is something that was a challenge, but we looked into it and prayed about it.

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