India ready to assist Nigeria fight terrorism.

Shri Balasubramanian, the Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria, stated on Monday that his nation was prepared to offer the assistance required to put an end to insecurity in Nigeria.

With social investments in solar energy, artificial intelligence, fintech, and scientific intelligence, he promised to further strengthen India-Nigeria friendship and economic links.

This was said by the High Commissioner while addressing the media at the flag-raising ceremony for India’s 75th anniversary of independence that was conducted at the Indian High Commission in Abuja.

We would be happy to continue the partnership in cooperation with the Nigerian government and we are ready to assist in that direction, he said.

As you know, many of the defense training has been given in India; various security outfits have been trained in military installations and training institute.

He also praised and called the ties between the two nations the best.

India and Nigeria have one of the best relations. Before Nigeria gained its independence in 1960, in 1958, when we opened an office in Lagos, we began our partnership.

Since then, our connection has grown, we’ve collaborated on building human capacity, and we’re thrilled that, thanks to the Nigerian government’s support, we can now declare that our relationship is solid and friendly, he said.

Although India has made an investment of $14.9 million in the nation, the freshly appointed commissioner remarked that he was looking forward to fostering the connection in all spheres.

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