Jerusalem is the united capital of the State of Israel, Benny Gantz.

According to Jerusalem Post; Defense Minister Benny Gantz declared that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel on Monday morning in response to former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attacks on him on social media the previous day for his previously stated position.

Gantz stated on Radio 103 FM that Jerusalem is the united capital of the State of Israel and that it always has been and always will be.

Furthermore, it will interest you to know that In a 2020 interview with a Saudi newspaper, Gantz stated that there was room for a Palestinian capital in a united Jerusalem. On Sunday, Netanyahu tweeted the interview’s headline.

Netanyahu tweeted, No, that’s the answer. He frequently advocates for a united Jerusalem and has previously warned that those who oppose him would cede the city to the Palestinians.

When running against former Labor Party leader Shimon Peres, he famously did just that.

In his radio appearance on Monday, Gantz noted that he had made similar remarks around the time when former US president Donald Trump had announced his peace plan, which called for a Palestinian capital in Palestinian areas of Jerusalem on the other side of the security barrier.

Netanyahu concurred with such strategy.

Trump’s strategy included a two-state solution to the problem as well. Gantz has mentioned a solution including two entities in his public remarks since then.

According to Gantz, getting to a durable solution [with the Palestinians] in the future years is not feasible.

Instead, Gantz added, there needs to be a decrease in the points of contention and an increase in Palestinian self-governance over their own affairs, particularly their internal security.

The establishment of a binational state, “which no one wants, must be avoided, he added.

In reference to the possibility of a Palestinian presence in Jerusalem, Gantz stated that some claim there are civilized communities that Palestinians name Jerusalem, which are not in the metropolitan envelope of Jerusalem, and they can be defined as their capital.

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