Ukraine claim Russia running out of missiles.

If accurate following recent reports, this could signal that sanctions are biting. However, it may not all be good news.

Ukrainian intelligence claimed on August 27 that Russia has used approximately 55 percent of its missile stockpile since its February 24 invasion of the country.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has made several attempts to produce tactical and strategic missiles to fight conventional wars.

These missiles, like the Kalibr cruise missile and Iskander short-range ballistic missile, can deliver 1,000-pound warheads within several feet of their target from hundreds of miles away.

Furthermore, the Kh-101 is an air-launched cruise missile with a range of around 1,500 miles. Like the Kalibr and Iskander, it can carry a warhead of nearly 1,000 pounds.

The Kinzhal is a hypersonic missile, almost impossible to shoot down, that can deliver a 1,000-pound warhead 1,200 miles. The missile can be guided by satellite or controlled internally by inertial guidance systems. 

All of these systems are accurate and leave little excuse for civilian casualties which already stand at nearly 14,000.

However, Russia is running out of these weapons. If Ukrainian intelligence is correct, Russia has depleted over half its stockpile in six months.

Several days ago, Vladimir Putin signed a decree to increase Russia’s military personnel to 2.04 million, including an additional 137,000 combat troops.

This indicates that Putin thinks the war in Ukraine is long-term, even lasting years.

If Russia has nearly run out of precision missiles after seven months, what will be used in the coming years?

The answer to this question is, unfortunately, less accurate missiles and more cannon artillery.

This means an increase in accidental civilian casualties due to prolonged indiscriminate bombardment.

While Ukrainian troops may see a decrease in casualties to indirect fire, this will likely be due to the dispersal of their forces and counter battery fire provided by systems like the HIMARS.

Civilians, especially near the front lines, will be inadvertently fired upon by Russian artillery and Cold War-era missiles like the BM-27 Uragan from the 1970s.

Sustained artillery and missile strikes with technology half a century old will not be nearly as accurate as the Kinzhal, a weapon that entered service in 2017.

While the Kinzhal can hit whatever target it is fired at, firing a single artillery round will not achieve the same result. Dozens of artillery shells will have to be fired to destroy what one Kinzhal is capable of striking.

Rising Civilian Casualties

This means that if Russia cannot produce new modern missiles, then Cold War-era missiles and tube artillery, which are far less accurate but becoming far more numerous, will provide the bulk of Russian indirect fire.

After all, Russia plans to continue attacking Ukrainian positions this fall and will need artillery support to do so.

If this war drags on for months or even years, as Putin predicts, then civilian casualties could rise. Although the depletion of top-of-the-line Russian missiles could give Ukraine the upper hand strategically, it could spell disaster for Ukrainian civilians.

The same civilians that have been targeted as part of Russia’s campaign of terror may now find themselves on the receiving end of inaccurate mass fire in the same way civilians in Grozny and Syria have before them.

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Ravil Maganov reportedly died after falling off hospital window.

The chairman of Russia’s Lukoil oil giant, Ravil Maganov, has reportedly died after falling from a hospital window in Moscow.

Lukoil died on Thursday, a source familiar with the situation told Reuters.

Lukoil died on Thursday, a source familiar with the situation told Reuters.

Ravil Maganov, 67, fell from the sixth-floor window of the Central Clinical Hospital.

The businessman is the second Lukoil executive to have died in recent months. Chief executive Alexander Subbotin, died after suffering from “cardiac arrest, reports stated at the time.

In early March, Lukoil called for an end to the conflict with a statement saying the board “expresses its concern over the ongoing tragic events in Ukraine and its deepest sympathy to all those affected by this tragedy”.

The statement added: We stand for the immediate cessation of the armed conflict and fully support its resolution through the negotiation process and through diplomatic means.

Maganov had worked in Lukoil since 1993, shortly after the company’s inception, and overseen its refining, production and exploration.

He became the chairman in 2020. His brother Nail is the head of mid-sized Russian oil producer Tatneft.

Ravil Maganov was a close associate of one of Lukoil’s founders, Vagit Alekperov.

Alekperov, a former Soviet deputy oil minister, resigned as president of Lukoil in April, a week after Britain imposed an asset freeze and travel ban on him as part of sanctions over Russia’s military actions in Ukraine.

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(EU) had on Wednesday announced plans to suspend visas for Russian citizens.

Russia has warned the European Union, EU, of consequences over the suspension of visas for its citizens.

The European Union (EU) had on Wednesday announced plans to suspend visas for Russian citizens in order to limit border crossings from Russia to the EU as the war in Ukraine continues.

According to State news agency, RIA Novosti, Russia will decide what to do in retaliation.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Alexander Grushko, speaking with the State news agency, RIA Novosti, said it’s yet to decide its decision and measure to be taken.

Violation, circumvention or withdrawal by the EU from the visa facilitation agreement with Russia would not be left without consequences.

We’ll decide for ourselves whether the measures will be symmetrical, asymmetric or something that the EU does not expect.

If Brussels decides to shoot itself in the foot again, then it is their choice, he said.

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Nyesome Wike Rivers state governor threatened to help PDP loose 2023 general election.

The Rivers State Governor, Nyesome Wike has threatened to help the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, loose the 2023 presidential election.

The governor issued the threat at the commissioning of the internal road in Omerelu community in Ikwerre local government area of Rivers on Thursday.

The governor who was responding to recent comments by the National Chairman of the PDP, Iyorchia Ayu said the chairman is exhibiting arrogance.

Doctor Ayu said we are children. Yes, the children brought you from the gutter to make you chairman.

Now we have seen that you don’t want the party to win election, we will help you.

These children you said we are, that brought you from nothing.

Ayu, you said you founded this party, but you left the party in 2007. You founded a company, you left the company, people stood and brought out the company to what it is today, you have no moral right to still come and claim that you founded that company, you left with your shares.

You want to show integrity, you want to show a party to Nigeria that we want to take over, you must convince Nigerians that we have the integrity.

You are the driver that will drive the vehicle to convey us to go our destination. That is the victory we are looking for.

If the driver has no integrity and cannot show honesty, how do you convince Nigerians?

If you tell Nigerians something and cannot do it, is it when you enter into power that you will do it?

Nigerians have seen how ungrateful some of you can be, and that’s why Nigerians also want to be careful, if we give these people power, are you sure they will also be grateful to Nigerians.

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Drunk police driver ran patrol van into electric pole in Anthony Lagos State.

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Cult group clash in Lagos

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Ebubeagu clash with angry mob in Anambra.

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