Belarus president Lukashenko criticize people who label Russia and Belarus aggressors.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has warned that a battle with Ukraine could erupt soon, claiming that tensions are escalating between the country’s armed forces and civilian leadership.

At a virtual seminar for all Belarusian school and university students, Lukashenko stated on Thursday that “Ukraine is being split” and that a “war between the president and the military is developing.

According to Belarus’s president, the Ukrainian army is the only force in the country capable of pounding the table and saying: let’s speak or Ukraine will be wiped off the face of the planet.

According to Lukashenko, the country’s military, which has firsthand knowledge of what is occurring on the frontlines, “sees that it’s hopeless.

Meanwhile, he warned that the neighboring country’s dispute might escalate into the most horrific clash involving the deployment of weapons of mass destruction.

He also asserted that Russia cannot be defeated there, adding that Minsk is strongly behind its partner, Moscow.

Lukashenko went on to criticize people who label Russia and Belarus aggressors.

He claimed that Moscow’s military intervention was preemptive in character, assisting in averting an impending Ukrainian missile assault on Belarus’ southern areas, including against Russian personnel that had not yet been removed from the nation following military training.

He also claimed that the Russian military destroyed Ukraine’s missile units half an hour before President Vladimir Putin declared the beginning of Moscow’s attack in late February.

Lukashenko said that the West, particularly the US, was behind the preparations for the planned attack on Belarus and that those countries would continue to do everything to bring Russia to its knees.

And Russia cannot kneel, He stated.

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