Activist Aisha Yesufu describe the man who his parents as a murderer hiding under the pretext of the Muslim faith.

Following the report that a man identified as Mr Munkaila Ahmad was arrested by the Jigawa State Police operatives for killing his parents and injuring two others on Thursday, a well known Nigerian human right activist, Aisha Yesufu while sharing on her official Twitter page has reacted.

In a recorded video shared with Premium Time Newspaper in the police custody on Saturday, the singer and a member of the Tijjaniyya Islamic sect, Munkaila Ahmad, made it known that he killed his father, Ahmed Muhammad (a village head) and his mother, Ahmed Hauwa’u because they mocked and called him a mad person and uttered blasphemous words against the Prophet Muhammad, adding that in the sight of men, he had done something wrong, but in the sight of God and the Prophet, what he did was the right thing.

While reacting to this incident, the founder of the Bring Back Our Girls movement, Aisha Yesufu who described the man as a murderer hiding under the pretext of the Muslim faith lamented that there are people still encouraging such act as just as the case of Deborah Samuel.

Quoting a journalist who slammed those defending the killing of Deborah Samuel, Aisha Yesufu said, “Exactly! Murderers are committing murder in the name of religion, and we have supporters of murder egging them on.

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