Goodluck Jonathan reveal that Christians are being denied land for building of churches in some Northern states.

The former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, has disclosed the level of religious intolerance that exists in Nigeria. According to Goodluck Jonathan, during his time as the president of Nigeria, he discovered that in some northern states in Nigeria, the state government does not give land to Christians to build churches.

Goodluck Jonathan made this known while addressing Nigerians. According to Goodluck Jonathan, a report came to his office during his time as the president of Nigeria.

The report disclosed that in some northern states, when Christian groups want to build churches, they will not be given lands by the state government and the groups would normally have to secure a land from a private individual before the church would be built.

Goodluck Jonathan stated that after receiving the report, he took some steps to address the disturbing development.

Jonathan disclosed that he set up a committee which was made up of governors and charged them with the mandate of ensuring that the governors who refuses to give lands to Christians stopped doing so.

Jonathan went on to disclose that before he could get the committee to complete the agenda of the committee, his tenure came to an end in 2015.

Jonathan told Nigerians to stop the division that religious sentiments has caused in Nigeria by making sure that religious tolerance is promoted at all levels.

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