No fewer than 100 Russian forces killed in Kharkiv districts.

Ukraine’s armed forces have repulsed nine Russian incursions in the eastern Donetsk area and advanced on their adversaries’ positions near Karamtorsk, according to their general staff.

He stated that they repelled assault attempts in the communities of Bilohorivka, Hryhorivka, Pokrovske, Bakhmutske, Lozove, Spartak, Soledar, Zaitseve, and Semihiria.

They enjoyed tactical success in the Kramatorsk direction, knocking the enemy out of the places he had previously occupied.

As a consequence of Ukraine’s effective fire strike on Kharkiv District’s Kupiansk, Russian occupiers lost over 100 men killed and injured, and two combat vehicles were destroyed. It was carried out in Kherson’s southern region.

It went on to say that it had demolished all Dnipro river crossings in the Kherson area.

It is reported that flames continue to burn in various locations, which the occupants have been unable to extinguish for an extended period of time particularly at the State Treasury Service administration building.

From 07:00, the occupants enforced a strict curfew on the city. Military helicopters are moving above the city.

The special operation did not result in any civilian injuries.

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