The moment Labour party presidential candidate Peter Obi entered an event in New York.

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Terrorist ambush commercial bus kill military officer in Kebbi state.

According to Homepage news channel it was reported that some gunmen, who were suspected to be bandits have brutally killed a military officer in Kebbi State.

Information that was given by reporters made it known that the deceased soldier, whose name was given as Corporal Umaru Sanda, was serving at the 13 Brigade, Nigerian Army unit in Calabar, Cross River State capital before he met his untimely death.

It was reported that, the deceased was on his way to visit his parents in Zuru area of Kebbi State, when the bandits all of a sudden ambushed the commercial vehicle he was traveling in and during the process, the assailants were said to have opened fire on Umaru, who was dressed in mufti, after they searched him saw his Army Identity Card with him, as he died immediately.

It was as well made known that, the deceased had been buried according to Islamic rites.

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Miyetti Allah have called on Bauchi state government to into inventory mean to educate herders.

A Fulani socio-cultural association, Miyatti Allah Kautal Hore, has urged the Bauchi State Government to take inventory of herders and their livestock to allow easy formulation and implementation of policies and programmes towards addressing challenges faced by Fulani pastoralists.

It also called on the state government to implement report of the committee earlier constituted to look into the illegal sales of lands in rural areas which often caused farmers-herders’ clashes.

The National President of the association, Alhaji Abdullahi Bello Badejo, made the call at a town hall meeting with Fulani leaders held at the Government House in Bauchi yesterday.

Badejo, who said the call became imperative considering the continuous victimisation of their members, maintained that if implemented, the report would bring the problem to an end.

He listed other demands by the herders to include construction of dams and boreholes, establishment of schools and integrated livestock markets as well as designation of cattle routes among others.

The national president used the opportunity to commend the state Governor, Bala Mohammed, for taking steps towards addressing some of the challenges identified as well as protecting the interest of the Fulanis at the national level.

In their separate remarks, the state Chairman of the association, Usaini Buzaye; and Hardor Usman Amadu, Sarkin Fulanin Giade said effective measures should be taken to guarantee security of herders across the state.

They also requested their leadership to present the cases raised to the state government and appropriate authorities for prompt action.

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Many killed by bandits in Plateau state.

Attacks by bandits in Kanam Local Council of Plateau State have claimed many lives, residents of the affected villages said yesterday.

According to them, the bandits had attacked Kukawa, Gyanbahu, Dungur and Keram villages under the council and killed many people.

A Kukawa resident, Adam Musa, told journalists that many were injured during the attacks, while hundreds fled their homes, adding that security personnel were yet to reach the villages.

Musa said some of the gunmen invaded the villages about 11a.m. yesterday when the residents were going about their normal activities and started shooting sporadically.

He said the bandits razed many houses.

When contacted on the development, police spokesperson, DSP Alfred Alabo, promised to get back to journalists.

In another development, the traditional ruler of Pinau village in Wase Local Council, Dr. Dadda’u Ahmad, and his driver, who was kidnapped on Monday, have been rescued by soldiers attached to Operation Safe Haven (OPSH) in the village.

According to the Acting Deputy Director of 3 Division, Rukuba Barracks Jos, Major Ishaku Takwa, said the victims had been rescued.

A resident, Ubale Pinau, said gunmen abducted the monarch and his driver on their way to Wase town.

He explained that soon after the incident was reported to soldiers in the village, they swung into action and trailed the kidnappers, rescued the victims and recovered two guns and three motorcycles.

A member of neighbourhood watch in the area, Nazifi Abubakar, said: I was with the soldiers during the rescue operation.

Soldiers and other members of the neighbourhood watch, who trailed the kidnappers to the bush, have brought the traditional ruler back to the village.

Everyone is happy in the village now. There was a gun battle between the soldiers and the bandits before the victims were rescued.

The soldiers have tried. We pray Allah to give them the strength to continue with the good job they are doing.

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The Iranian Government issues starn warning to countries hosting US army.

According to the Middle East Monitor; General Bagheri stated in a social media post that the Islamic Republic of Iran has warned these nations through written messages provided by the Foreign Ministry as well as through the expansion of its presence, enlarging sea and air patrol, strengthening its intelligence dominance, and holding various war games.

The general observed that in recent months, the US terrorist army has attempted to fill the void left by the removal of its destroyers, helicopters, and aircraft carriers from the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman by tying the Zionist state and occupied Palestine to the US Central Command (CENTCOM).

The top military officer emphasized that from our perspective, this move entails giving the Zionist regime access to US and ally spying capabilities, increasing the threat against Iran.

According to Bagheri, Iran’s friendly advise to its neighbors is to be kind to one another and work together to bring security to the area without the help of outsiders.

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Tukur Mamu Publisher of Herald Newspaper arrested and repatriated from Cairo to Nigeria.

According to news reports, Tukur Mamu was arrested alongside his family members on his way to Saudi Arabia for lesser Hajj.

He was detained at the Cairo International Airport for 24 hours and is being repatriated to Nigeria.

Mr Mamu, who is the Publisher of Desert Herald Newspaper in Kaduna, negotiated the release of some of the victims of the March 2022 Kaduna Train attack.

He, however, told news team on Wednesday morning that he has been flown back to Nigeria by Interpol after he was interrogated and nothing was found incriminating against him.

He was accompanied by his two wives and one other person.

He is expected to arrive at Aminu Kano International Airport in Kano Wednesday afternoon and may be interrogated further by officials of Nigerian secret police, Department of State Security (DSS).

Mr Mamu announced his withdrawal as the lead negotiator in securing the release of the hostages of the Abuja-Kaduna train attack after he alleged a threat to his life by the Nigerian government.

The terrorists who attacked the Abuja-Kaduna train in March and abducted scores of hostages are still holding several of the victims contrary to a rumour making the round that all the captives have been released.

Tukur Mamu, who negotiated the release of some of the abductees, said it was not true that the terrorists have released all the captives.

The gunmen have been releasing the hostages in batches allegedly after collecting ransoms from the relatives.

The latest set of hostages was released on 10 August when six family members of a former military administrator of Kano, Idris Garba, and one other woman were freed.

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Obafemi Awolowo Daughter, Dosunmu has alleged of plot to get rid of Bola Tinubu APC presidential aspirant.

Tokunbo Awolowo-Dosunmu, the daughter of Nigerian nationalist and statesman, Obafemi Awolowo has alleged of plot to get rid of Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, if he wins the 2023 election.

She alleged that there was a plot to get rid of Tinubu and install his running mate, Kashim Shettima as president.

Awolowo-Dosunmu claimed that the plot may be perfected immediately after the 2023 swearing-in.

She said those behind the plot would take advantage of Tinubu’s medical condition.

Awolowo-Dosunmu appealed to Yorubas to stop being sentimental and tribalist about the three major candidates contesting for the office of the presidency.

They are plotting against Tinubu; Yorubas should wake up. They are aware of Tinubu’s medical condition.

All they are planning is, immediately after handing over and swearing-in, they are going to get rid of Tinubu and Sheetima will be your next president if you are not careful.

Yorubas have to wake up and not allow emotions to lead us, she told newsmen in Lagos.

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Israeli soldiers blew up a building in the middle of Jenin.

Homepage News channel learnt that the Israeli troops have blown up the home Raad Hazem.

The apartment belonged to the family of Raad Hazem who was killed by the occupation forces after attacking Israelis in Tel Aviv last April. 

The blowing up of the apartment was part of an Israeli raid on Jenin that resulted in the killing of 29-year-old Mohammad Musa Saba’na and the injuring of 16 others. 

Saba’na was shot dead when Israeli troops entered Jenin to demolish his home.

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US to supply Taiwan with air-air missile.

The US State Department has approved Taiwan’s requests to purchase AIM-9X Block II Sidewinder missiles, AGM-84L-1 Harpoon Block II missiles, and contract logistics assistance for the Surveillance Radar Program under three foreign military sales agreements to the tune of more than a billion dollars.

As part of Taiwan’s porcupine policy intended to discourage China from blockading or invading the island, the US is arming the self-governing island with powerful defensive weapons in case Beijing attacks.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency earlier reported that Taiwan’s economic and cultural representative office requested to purchase 60 AGM-84L-1 Harpoon Block II missiles, Harpoon guidance control units, radar seekers, containers, personnel training, and technical assistance under a potential $355 million Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract.

A spokesperson for the State Department, which approved the sale, said the package was “essential for Taiwan’s security. We urge Beijing to cease its military, diplomatic and economic pressure against Taiwan and instead engage in meaningful dialogue with Taiwan,” the spokesperson said.

In a predictable response, China slammed the equipment sale to Taiwan, a move that it considers provocative.

China is firmly opposed to this,” Chinese Embassy spokesperson Liu Pengyu said on Friday when asked about the arms package, which includes anti-ship and air-to-air missiles. “China will resolutely take legitimate and necessary counter-measures in light of the development of the situation.

The approval for the massive aid came just days after the Chinese missile designers boasted that China’s current generation of missiles was leading the world and promised that the next generation of missiles would enjoy absolute superiority over their foreign counterparts, state-owned Global Times reported.

PL-10 (ASR) - Wikipedia
PL-10 (ASR) – Wikipedia

Ren Hongguang, the chief designer at the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC)  Air-to-Air Missile Institute, stated that China had created air-to-air missiles such as the PL-15 and PL-10 equal to the AIM-120 and AIM-9X of the US and the R-77 and R-73 of Russia.

The comments are significant as the US aid to Taiwan includes the lethal AIM-9X sidewinder air-to-air missiles and the Harpoons anti-ship missiles. The State Department decided to approve the sale of Block II Sidewinder Missiles and related equipment at an estimated cost of $85.6 million, according to DCSA.

Sidewinder Air-To-Air Missiles For Taiwan

Sidewinders are air-to-air missiles developed by Raytheon with the ability to lock on to targets after launch. Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States (TECRO) requested to buy 100 missiles and related equipment.

The Raytheon AIM-9X is a member of the AIM-9 Sidewinder family of air-to-air infrared missiles that was primarily created for the US Air Force and the US Navy. In May 2019, the National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS) launched the first AIM-9X Block II missile, which is now being transferred to Taiwan.

The AIM-9X is equipped with a conventional WDU-17/B blast fragmentation warhead and the Orbital ATK Mk 139 Sidewinder single-thrust propulsion system.

The AIM-9X Block II missile includes a lock-on-after-launch capability and a one-way forward quarter data link capability compared to the Block I variant. The data link enables it to engage upon targets even beyond the visual range. Full Rate Production (FRP) for the Block II missile began in August 2015.

AIM-9X Sidewinder | NAVAIR
AIM-9X Sidewinder-NAVAIR

AIM-9X features a vector-controlled, nimble thrust airframe. It incorporates the rocket motor, warhead, and fuse from the AIM-9M and a high-performance staring focal plane array sensor. The missile’s digital design architecture is flexible enough to accommodate future requirements.

The AIM-9X is a mid-wave Infrared Focal Plane Array (FPA) seeker-equipped system-guided missile. The seeker’s High Off-Boresight (HOBS) allows for a broader assault envelope when used with a helmet-mounted sight.

It employs passive infrared (IR) energy to locate and track targets. Following the launch, the seeker follows the heat signature of the enemy aircraft’s engines.

While the Sidewinders would soon be on their way to Taiwan, some of China’s advanced fighter jets, like the J-20 stealth fighter jet and the J-16 multirole fighter jet, are equipped with cutting-edge and competitive PL-15 and PL-10 missiles. The Global Times report mentioned the Sidewinder sale as ‘provocative.

The Taiwanese Air Force currently operates the F-16 Viper aircraft, also acquired from the United States, which will be likely equipped with the AIM-9X Block II Sidewinder air-to-air missile to take on the mammoth enemy across the Taiwan Strait.

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