The Iranian Government issues starn warning to countries hosting US army.

According to the Middle East Monitor; General Bagheri stated in a social media post that the Islamic Republic of Iran has warned these nations through written messages provided by the Foreign Ministry as well as through the expansion of its presence, enlarging sea and air patrol, strengthening its intelligence dominance, and holding various war games.

The general observed that in recent months, the US terrorist army has attempted to fill the void left by the removal of its destroyers, helicopters, and aircraft carriers from the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman by tying the Zionist state and occupied Palestine to the US Central Command (CENTCOM).

The top military officer emphasized that from our perspective, this move entails giving the Zionist regime access to US and ally spying capabilities, increasing the threat against Iran.

According to Bagheri, Iran’s friendly advise to its neighbors is to be kind to one another and work together to bring security to the area without the help of outsiders.

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