US alleges that North Korea supplying weapons to Russia.

According to US media, sanctions have made it difficult for Moscow to supply Moscow’s military, forcing Moscow to purchase military hardware from North Korea, according to BBC NEWS.

Declassified intelligence obtained by the New York Times claims that Russia has purchased millions of rockets and artillery shells from Pyongyang.

As the war dragged on, a US official predicted that Russia would be forced to purchase more North Korean weapons.

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin started his invasion of Ukraine in February, Iran and North Korea, both of which are the targets of significant Western sanctions, have sought to strengthen their ties with Russia.

The regime of Kim Jong-un has attributed the conflict to the US and claimed that the West is pursuing a hegemonic policy that justifies Russia’s use of force.

The Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, two Russian proxy statelets in eastern Ukraine, gained independence last month, and North Korea pledged to strengthen its comradely friendship with Moscow. According to Pyongyang state media, Vladimir Putin of Russia said the two nations would strengthen their comprehensive and positive bilateral relations.

Uncertainty persists regarding the precise scope and size of the new weapon deliveries mentioned in the report.

However, a US official told the Associated Press that Russia’s military continues to suffer from severe supply shortages in Ukraine, due in part to export controls and sanctions by turning to North Korea for assistance.

According to the Finnish think tank Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air, general economic sanctions haven’t significantly reduced Russia’s revenue from energy exports.

According to the estimate, over the course of the six-month invasion, Russia made €158 billion (Β£136 billion) from rising fossil fuel prices, with imports from the EU making up the majority of that sum.

However, Moscow’s capacity to resupply its military, in the opinion of the US and EU, has been hampered.

The first shipments of drones made in Iran had also been sent to Russia, Biden administration officials told US media last week.

Russian personnel may have traveled to Iran to receive training on the Mohajer-6 and Shahed series of weapons, according to US intelligence officials.

However, they recently disclosed to reporters that many of the drones had been plagued by mechanical and technical issues ever since they were delivered.

Iran has publicly denied providing weapons to either side of the conflict, but US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan claimed in July that Tehran intended to give Moscow hundreds of drones, some of which could be used in combat, for its conflict in Ukraine.

In a daily update on Tuesday, UK defense officials stated that due to significant combat losses, Russia was finding it difficult to keep up its supply of battlefield drones.

According to the update, it is likely that Russia is struggling to maintain stocks of UAVs, made worse by component shortages brought on by international sanctions.

The officials continued, The scarcity of reconnaissance UAVs is probably impairing commanders’ tactical situational awareness and seriously impeding Russian operations.

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