US military discharge soldier who join army to kill black people.

The United States Army has discharged a 21-year-old soldier and self-proclaimed “Nazi” who claimed that he enlisted in the army to practice how to kill Black people. According to Rolling Stone, Killian Mackeith Ryan, who was with the Army’s 82nd Airborne, also allegedly had contact with other online extremists.

An army spokesman said Ryan was discharged after it was determined he had committed misconduct, adding that he was subsequently arrested on August 26.

His arrest was, however, in connection with untruthful claims he allegedly made when he filled out a security clearance application in 2020.

Prosecutors said the information the 21-year-old man gave about his relationship with his father was false. The charging papers also revealed details about his racist ideologies and violent desires. 

I serve for combat experience so I’m more proficient in killings, Ryan allegedly posted on one of his Instagram accounts, per the criminal complaint.

A Fayetteville police officer also stated in an affidavit that Ryan, through his accounts on Instagram, had been “in contact with numerous accounts associated with racially motivated extremism.

He is also said to have used an email address with the username “naziace1488” to register an account on Instagram. 

The numbers in the aforementioned email username have links to White supremacist movements. But Ryan’s charges are in connection with the false claims he made on his security clearance application.

In the optional comment block” of the application, prosecutors said Ryan wrote that he hadn’t had any contact with his biological father in 10 years.

The complaint described Ryan’s father as a convicted felon with a criminal history in Washington and California for drug violations and auto theft.

Authorities were ultimately able to determine that Ryan’s lied about his relationship with his father.

Officials determined Ryan’s father attended the 21-year-old’s graduation from high school, and the two had been communicating on Instagram. 

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