South Korea fisherman shot dead and body set ablaze by North Korea military.

When North Korean soldiers found a South Korean fisheries official in their territorial waters, they shot him dead and burned the body an incident so shocking it later prompted Kim Jong Un to apologise.

Details are sketchy – and mostly classified – but exactly how and why the official came to be floating in a life jacket above the sea border known as the Northern Limit Line in September 2020 has become a bitter political debate in the South.

Was the 47-year-old official, Lee Dae-jun, a would-be defector fleeing gambling debts, as the government of then-president Moon Jae-in said, citing intelligence it then sealed for 30 years?

Or is that version of events actually a high-level smear campaign and cover-up, as the new government of Yoon Suk-yeol has claimed in raiding an ex-spy master’s house and launching legal action over the former administration’s handling of the case?

The intelligence services claim that their former chief, Park Jie-won, destroyed evidence showing Lee had no plans to move to Pyongyang.

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