China and Russia to fight against NATO expansion.

According to the information gotten from. BBC News; they revealed that Li Zhanshu, chairman of the standing committee of the National People’s Congress of China (NPC), declared that Russia and China would fight together against NATO expansion and the “double containment of Moscow and Beijing.

Li Zhanshu made the comments on Friday while addressing at a gathering of the faction leaders of the State Duma, according to Tass.

They (NATO countries) forge narrow-bloc structures and implement Indo-Pacific strategy precisely to contain our development through two oceans; the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, he said.

From this standpoint, the pertinence of bolstering our strategic interaction will only grow and we will battle together their hegemony and the policy of force.

An essential direction in the strategic engagement between the two countries, according to the official, is the unified opposition to American hegemony, harassment, and the policy of force.

The double containment strategy against us is being used by the Americans to maintain their global dominance, he continued; This is about unchecked NATO expansion eastward and profound meddling in the affairs of the Asia-Pacific region, as well as about their attempt to reduce our strategic space on the Eurasian continent.

Li Zhanshu highlighted that China and Russia are in the vanguard of shaping a new style of transnational ties recognizing that the more complicated the external situation is, the more vital it is for us to strengthen strategic assistance and interaction.

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