Jessica Cox, NATO’s Director says Russia, Iran and China growing their nuclear Arsenal.

Jessica Cox, NATO’s Director of Nuclear Policy, who is presiding over the two-day conference, stated, We face a Russia that is growing its nuclear capabilities, violating its arms control agreements, and fielding new and creative missile systems.

She asserted that as part of its savage war against Ukraine, Russia has also issued reckless and hazardous nuclear threats, leaving out NATO’s intervention in the country’s events.

Also, according to the information gotten from NATO’s website, the meeting also covered topics like China’s quickening nuclear arsenal buildup, persistent worries about Iran’s nuclear program, and North Korea’s historic missile launches in 2022.

The NATO members have stated that NATO will also be a nuclear alliance for as long as there are nuclear weapons in the globe, which is why this assembly is making these claims.

The military alliance, which is in breach of nuclear non-proliferation regulations and has more than 6,000 nuclear weapons, has implemented a nuclear sharing policy that permits nuclear bombs to be swapped between member states.

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