One dead and two others injured in a Russian rocket attack.

Russian rocket fire targeted at Ukraine’s northeastern city of Kharkiv on Saturday evening, killed at least one person and damaged many houses.

According to Ukraine’s second biggest city’s mayor, Ihor Terekhov, the attacks targeted the western neighborhood of Kholodnohirsk and destroyed many residences.

Regional Governor Oleh Synehubov stated that missiles fired from an MLRS system killed one person and injured two more.

In recent days, Ukraine’s military has launched a massive counter-offensive in the nearby Kharkiv area, recapturing dozens of towns and villages from Russia in a fast mechanized assault. Synehubov had stated that Russia had increased its shelling of the city in retaliation.

According to the state-run news service Tass, residents in Russian-controlled areas of the Kharkiv region were instructed to flee to Russia.

Vitaly Ganchev, the area’s Russian-installed administrator, allegedly stated that doing so would “save lives.

It comes after the Russian defense ministry said that it was withdrawing soldiers from two major towns in the region as Ukrainian troops advanced rapidly.

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