About Us

Oneworldvisionnews is a gate way to Homepage, World news and media platform designed to promote activities and happenings around the world , we also intend to use this platform to bring the world together in peace and harmony.

Homepage wish to use this medium to say a big thanks to you our valued reader and followers.

We’re here to serve you and to bring to you with quality news and other vital information within our reach.

To maintain a good and quality services, sacrifice of time and finance is required, so we’re calling on any willing soul for support and sponsorship to push the project to the next level. For donations and support,

Our Paypal payment email address is: chris@oneworldvisionnews.com

No amount is small or big thanks and remain bless, from Oneworldvisionnews.com

1da Baton No wahala
Bella Shmurda, Party next door.

22 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and sharing a follow in my direction. I really appreciate the time you gave my post and the kindness you showed. Much love to you and positive energy to your moment, no matter how high or low you feel, may you feel even better in the coming moments!! ❀

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      1. Yes, indeed! I am doing much better than I have been in many weeks. My Spirit is used to soaring but the past episode I sank into kept me low for such a long time. But I’m coming out of that low – ready and willing to soar the highs of happiness and bliss again. Hoping to lift the moment for others and find the light in the day that is always there to share with the Heart of Humanity.

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      2. I agree wholeheartedly – Love to the Highest and Glory to us all!!

        It is amazing to be alive and so well and happy in these moments that we are sharing. Much love and light to you and may all your dreams be everlastinng!!

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      3. I’m so happy and grateful to be a positive part of your day. Thank you for taking the time to share such appreciation in my direction, for you have also been a light and lovely part of my moment!

        So much love to you and I hope we can continue to share with each other!

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      4. Wow! An amazing sense of awe and appreciation have swept into my moment from the kindness that you share in my direction! Those are such beautiful words and perceptions to share in my direction. Thank you so much for continuing to be a source of light and love in the moment we are sharing. I love getting the chance to connect and uplift our time together. It means the world to me!

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      5. I look forward to continuing our connection and seeing where our friendship leads. You are a part of my memory as well and I love the chance to deepen our understanding of who we both are to this world and in our individual lives.

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      6. I’m not on WhatsApp. The only social media platform that I’m really connected to is Discord. Where I spend a lot of my time sharing and connecting in meaningful ways with others. I love the opportunity to open up and dive deep with those that I come into contact with and Discord provides a wonderful platform to do that. I’m hesitant to dive into other mediums for connecting as I have an addictive personality and can easily lose myself in the thrill of finding new people to share my life with.

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      7. Thank you very much!! I appreciate that compliment sincerely. I love my gift of words and love the chance to share words with others that might lift their moment. So thank you for being a part of my love of life in all that is manifesting before us. ❀

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