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(World) refers to the totality of entities.

In its most general sense, the term “world” refers to the totality of entities, to the whole of¬†reality¬†or to everything that is.

The nature of the world has been conceptualized differently in different fields. Some conceptions see the world as unique while others talk of a plurality of worlds.

Some treat the world as¬†one simple object¬†while others analyze the world as a complex made up of many parts. In¬†scientific cosmology¬†the world or universe is commonly defined as “[t]he totality of all space and time; all that is, has been, and will be”.¬†

In philosophy of mind, the world is commonly contrasted with the mind as that which is represented by the mind.

Theories of modality, on the other hand, talk of possible worlds as complete and consistent ways how things could have been.¬†Phenomenology, starting from the horizon of co-given objects present in the periphery of every experience, defines the world as the biggest horizon or the “horizon of all horizons.

Theology¬†conceptualizes the world in relation to God, for example, as God’s creation, as identical to God or as the two being interdependent.

In religions, there is often a tendency to downgrade the material or sensory world in favor of a spiritual world to be sought through religious practice. A comprehensive representation of the world and our place in it, as is commonly found in religions, is known as a worldview. 

Cosmogony is the field that studies the origin or creation of the world while eschatology refers to the science or doctrine of the last things or of the end of the world.

In various contexts, the term “world” takes a more restricted meaning associated, for example, with the¬†Earth¬†and all life on it, with humanity as a whole or with an international or intercontinental scope. In this sense,¬†world history¬†refers to the history of humanity as a whole or¬†world politics¬†is the discipline of political science studying issues that transcend nations and continents.

Other examples include terms such as “world religion” “world language” “world government” “world war” “world population” “world economy” or “world championship.


Sacked Ebonyi state governor Dave Umahi tender apology to NBA.

The Governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi on Wednesday reversed the alleged uncomplimentary statement made against a judge of the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja, justice Inyang Ekwo and tendered an apology to the Nigeria Barr Association, NBA.

Umahi apologised while addressing over two thousand members of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, in Ebonyi State at a solidarity rally that took place at the Udensi roundabout, staged to declare their support and loyalty to the governor.

He said that he has mobilized over seventeen (17) SANs to Appeal the judgement of the Federal High court sitting in Abuja led by justice Inyang Ekwo, wherein he was sacked for defecting from the opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to the ruling APC.


Manticore is a Persian legendary creature similar to the Egyptian sphinx.

Manticore is a Persian legendary creature similar to the Egyptian sphinx that proliferated in western European medieval art as well.

It has the head of a human, the body of a¬†lion¬†and a tail of venomous spines similar to¬†porcupine¬†quills, while other depictions have it with the tail of a¬†scorpin ūü¶ā.

There are some accounts that the spines can be shot like arrows, thus making the manticore a lethal predator.

It devours its prey whole, using its triple rows of teeth, leaving no traces of its victims (including bones) behind.

Some sources identify the manticore with the mantyger, while others regard the mantyger as a quite different creature.